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Trillion of bits flowing through our minds, turning to infinite thinking. Capture them into a computer program to contribute with our two cents of evolution to humanity.

Our information melody will be known by a few, but everyone will hear it. Our creation, our legacy, the project we have shared with the world.

To all of us, restless minds, running as fast as we can. People who don’t want to slow down humanity and knowledge, because one single person can create the best invention and show it to the world, but close it, take his secret to the grave and make no one able to improve it, but when this person decides to share it with the world is when we really can talk about Evolution.


This blog is a place when I share my programming discoveries, things I find interesting about computing and free software and things like that in the easiest way I can, showing code snippets it my favourite programming languages and bringing you links to get more information about it.

I have a similar project in Spanish called “Poesía Binaria” (Binary poetry), but they are separated projects, so you probably won’t find the same articles in both blogs.

Finally I must ask you to correct my English, so I can improve my writing and make better posts in this language.

I hope you like this blog and share it’s content with me.


Photo: Wandering Angel (Flickr) CC-by 2013/10/10

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